International Travel Guide –

Before You Leave PART 1

Entering a new country means facing a whole new set of security concerns. When traveling, chances are you’ll want to use your devices, which may require connecting to public networks in places like hotels, airports, train stations, and conference rooms, where security isn’t always guaranteed.  

Review the tips and tricks below to learn about how to best prepare yourself for travel….

Key Points Takeaways:

  • Before: Backup your files 
  • During: If you must connect to an untrusted network, utilize a VPN.
  • After: Change your passwords when you come back 


Before You Leave

  • Sign Up For Travel Alerts.
    • Register your travel to view alerts about political unrest, natural disasters, health warnings, etc.
  • Don’t Bring Your Device Or Data 
    •  The best way to protect your data or device while traveling is to leave them at home. If you don’t need to get the information on your computer, leave it at home in a safe place and bring a loaner computer instead. 
      • If traveling for work or school, ask your IT department to for a computer

  • Backup your data. 
    • You should always back up your data, no matter if you are traveling with a loaner computer, your own computer, a tablet, or a phone. So, if you lose your data along with your device or malware messes it up while you’re traveling, you’ll have a good copy to use to get your data back.
  • Install and set up software that uses encryption.
    •  If your device gets lost or stolen, disk encryption software can help you encrypt your data so that only you and the people you give permission to can decode and read it.
  • Install and Set Up a Vpn.
    • Use a VPN with a full tunneling feature to hide your location and protect against people listening in on networks while you’re away. 
  • Install a 2 Factor Authentication
    • Helps maintain trusted access between you and your account logins
  • Update Operating system and Software
    • Make sure you have the most recent versions that are available
  • Install Anti-Malware Software