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The Academy

Cybersecurity is a real threat to businesses. Your data, your customer’s credit cards, your business and personal emails and more… are all vulnerable. Are all at risk. Are all one click away from being leaked to the public, or sold on the dark web to the highest bidder.

Cybersecurity has never been more important to the survival and protection of your business.

Learn what it takes
The damage that hackers cost businesses each year.
Every person in your organization could pose as a threat vector for hackers to exploit.
U.S. businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past year.
Annual increase in cybersecurity spending to protect data, finances, and companies.

Lace Up Your (Digital) Combat Boots

Step 1

Book a meeting with a SHYLD Agent.

Step 2

Discuss and identify your cybersecurity threats and solutions to minimize those threats.

Step 3

Every person on your staff will take a 15 minute cyber-hygiene survey. They will be shown their individualized results, where they are strong, and where they need improvement and pose a threat to your organization. You review these results.

Step 4

Individuals from your company are given a personalized and customized curriculum map so they learn the things they need to know, improve the things they need to improve, and they DON’T have to waste time watching videos and interacting with content they already know enough about. This saves your organization time and money, because your people aren’t wasting time relearning things they already know. They only learn the things they didn’t know before.

Step 5

Your team retakes the cyber-hygeine survey to see their improvement.

Step 6

We regularily update the curriculum of our course, giving your team the competitive advantage you need against hackers. We let you know when we update content, and when it’s time for your team to learn the newest defense techniques.

I'm ready to start!

Tier One

Agents who have completed levels 1–5 will have a 90% chance of blocking any attack. Stage One includes the following levels.

Agents with the Stage 1 Badge will have demonstrated that they’ve learned and successfully applied the fundamentals of cyber hygiene.

Level 1: Security Awareness Training

Learn the five principles of cyber hygiene in a half-day session. These principles consistently applied across all platforms and devices, will block over 90% of attempted hacks.

Level 2: In The Know

Threats are constantly evolving and you’ll have to stay on top of them. This builds on Level One with cyber alerts and a newsletter covering the latest vulnerabilities and scams to watch out for.

Level 3: Active Learning and Practice

Consider this your fencing practice. It’s here where you’ll first “spar” with active phishing attacks, testing your mettle in the real world of cyber defense. Through two webinars a month, quizzes, and active phishing attacks, agents learn to “think like a hacker” and block intrusions, taking the principles from levels one and two out into the real world. (Reword)

Level 4: Confirmed Defensive Education

If you can secure your home network, you’re safer than 99% of the US. But can you? After you set up your antivirus programs, firewalls, and an update protocol for your software and firmware, we attack your network with a penetration test designed to test weaknesses across multiple vectors. Test out of this phase and you’re almost ready for stage two.

Level 5: Defense Educator

At this point you can already gain an income stream as a trainer, either within an organization or with students at earlier stages of the program. We equip you with the tools to succeed with teacher training and cyber training materials.

I'm ready to start!

FAQ about the Academy

To take part in SHYLD you will need a reliable Internet connection and a newer computer and smartphone (the last three or four years should be fine). If you’re not sure if you meet this requirement, contact us and we’ll either set your mind at ease or ask you why you’re still running a 2003 iMac in the first place.

You can visit our Refund Policy page to read up on the SHYLD Academy policy.

Agents level 1 and above need to renew their license every 12 months. This entails a test they can pass right away, or they can retake updated course material to study for the license renewal test.

We regularly update the content on our courses to stay ahead of hackers and new trends in cybersecurity. We update the curriculum as these new technologies become available.

You can contact us with further questions.