SHYLD’s Mission

Our Mission is to inspire people to stop hackers and
exponentially increase the cyber safety of all.

SHYLD is a collective of Cybersecurity Agents who protect your privacy and defend against cybersecurity attacks. By equipping all humans with the awareness and knowledge to stop most cyberattacks and accelerating the training for those who choose to join the workforce as a Cybersecurity Professional, SHYLD will accomplish its Mission.
Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson


Nathan Stirling

Nathan Stirling

AGENT #005

Phil Holmer

Phil Holmer

AGENT #003

Sarah Haile

Sarah Haile

AGENT #006

Our Core Values

Always Building Trust – In order to achieve our mission, many people need to trust us with their most sensitive information… so that we can protect it from those with evil purposes.


Boundless Learning – To most efficiently succeed in our mission, we need people who see no bounds to their ability to learn, whether technical, psychological, professional, or otherwise.


Communicating with Clarity – What we do is hard to understand… but it’s critical to be understood for us to succeed.


Driven to Protect – At our core, we believe hackers are winning… and because of this, we are always on alert… observing weaknesses, teaching people, and fixing problems… knowing that the safety of those we care about is on the line.


Embracing Adaptability – It’s our job to assume the enemies have more funding, more people, and are able to learn at the speed of blur… therefore, we need to always be observing, analyzing, and willing to rebuild on a moment’s notice.

Keynotes Presented

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Success Stories

Delighting our clients is not an afterthought. By combining industry-leading speakers with intuitive platforms and thoughtful communication, we continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. 

Wes Woodward

Maintenance Mngr.

Perfection Went Above

 “GREAT PRESENTATION! Very useful and helpful. Best yet!”

Sugar Loaf Senior Living

Jon Heyesen

Director of Business Development

Perfection Went Above

“Huge thanks for your involvement in Vital this year. I continue to hear really good feedback about the event, and specifically around your presentation.”


Cheryl A. Smith

Director of Education

Perfection Went Above

“Tyler, you have both extensive knowledge on all things IT, social media, and security AND the rare skill to communicate information in an easy-to-understand manner. I learned so much!”

Care Providers of Minnesota


IT Security Course

Perfection Went Above

 “More detailed examples were given than previous security basics courses I’ve had, with relevant stories and real world application. Very good info to be reminded of and also new info to think about.”

Feedback from IT Security Course at Rochester Community and Technical College

Carla Bush

Vice President

Perfection Went Above

“Your session was very well received with excellent evaluations across the board. Many noted how much they were able to learn and a couple even said it was the best session of the conference.”

MN Multi Housing Association

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