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Effective Cybersecurity Training

Are you frustrated with the quality and effectiveness of common security awareness training solutions? 

Many security awareness training solutions are boring, impractical, and not thorough enough to provide your employees with any useful learning lessons. 

SHYLD’s security awareness training platform is more effective than other solutions because it is more:


The SHYLD Process Reduces Risk:





We help employees learn how to implement important security principles in your organization. 


Beyond data that can be illegally obtained, we train users to be mindful of data that is freely given.


We help employees implement good security habits into all areas of their digital lives. 


Our mission is to build CyberSafety. Employees will gain a safe cyber existence inside and outside of work.

100% Virtual and Accessible

All content is Mobile, Web, Closed Captioning, and 4K compliant.

Micro Learning

To ensure maximum usage and behavioral change, cutting-edge educational principles are employed. No more hour-long training sessions where everyone tunes out.

Tests & Quizzes

Our initial assessment dynamically personalizes training ensuring only courses that are needed are assigned. Ongoing assessments are all inline and no more then 5 questions.

Reports & Dashboards

Live secure reporting dashboards ensures you see and measure your employees development just in time.

MAstering the Basics

Starting With The Basics

Most security awareness training solutions simply tell users to create complex passwords, to avoid phishing links, and set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). We have found that most people want to do the right thing, but want more help than other solutions provide. SHYLD fixes this problem by helping people learn the why, the what, and the how related to all components of security awareness training. 

Password Management

The security basis for all systems are passwords. We ensure employee’s consider not just complexity but how passwords are to be considered and best practives for managing them. 

Multi Factor Authentication

Two step? Three Step? More steps? Each login poses a different risk. Modeling this and elevating employee’s personal and professional credential management ensures they are vigilant at all times.

Wifi Security

As nearly our entire work force spends some time working outside of the office awareness of Wifi security is necessary. Your employee’s will not be simply be scolded for bad usage, but we help them implement best practices in their own home.

Social Engineering

Used since the dawn of time is the manipulation of people. We go beyond the what and how to spot Social Engineering into the why’s of its great success.

Internet of Things

Everyday more devices sneak into our life. Awareness is key, but it doesn’t stop there.  We help employee’s make hard decisions about what devices have more risk than they are worth.

Message Encryption

Everyone wants our data! Advertisers, Nation States, Private companies, and even nosy neighbors. We help employees implement more secure  methods of communication in every area of their life. 

Phishing Detection

Emails, Texts, and Phone calls oh my! With so much data online hackers are getting smarter and more persistent on tricking us into giving them sensitive information. We help users detect and respond to these attempts.


Ongoing training is provided dynamically and regularly with our Digital Existence Fortification Effectively Normalizes Security for Everyone product. With a ever increasing attack surface for organizations and our employee’s lives vigilance is our only option to stop hackers before they can start. 


Success Stories

Delighting our customers is not an afterthought. By combining industry thought leaders with an intuitive learning platform and thoughtful communication, we continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. 

Cheryl A. Smith

Director of Education

Perfection Went Above

“Tyler, you have both extensive knowledge on all things IT, social media, and security AND the rare skill to communicate information in an easy-to-understand manner. I learned so much!”

Care Providers of Minnesota

Carla Bush

Vice President

Perfection Went Above

“Your session was very well received with excellent evaluations across the board. Many noted how much they were able to learn and a couple even said it was the best session of the conference.”

MN Multi Housing Association (MHA)

Jon Heyesen

Director of Business Development

Perfection Went Above

“Huge thanks for your involvement in Vital this year. I continue to hear really good feedback about the event, and specifically around your presentation.”


Create a more secure organization today!


Engage with a cutting edge learning model taught by Industry Leaders


Employee’s experience a integrated badging and credentialing service so they can display their own security posture to their peers

Achieve CyberSafety

Using our state of the art reporting and risk algorithms you can attest your organizations risk is reduced

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